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  • Therapy for Nerds

    A mana potion for your mind

    I help self proclaimed nerds, geeks, and weirdos tackle their mental illness with compassion and celebrating your uniqueness.

    My clients struggle like you do. Despite being bright, creative, and brainy, it’s hard to turn their mind off.

    When they first come to me, they’re always on edge. Like their Spidey-sense is going haywire. Their relationships are deteriorating, they can’t seem to dial down their irritability. They struggle to focus, are isolating, and sometimes wish they could just disappear. Their anxiety is eroding their happiness and feel like the future is growing dim.

    They aren’t the kinds of people that they want to be. They’re losing interest in their hobbies and their confidence at work is tanking.

    Before they came to see me, they question why it feels like everyone around them has life figured out and why they can’t seem to leave the past in the past. And they were pretty sure they’d never be able to breathe easy again.


    Level Up Your Mental Health

    Like my clients you deserve to look forward to being confident and capable. Being able to enjoy your life again is not out of your reach.

    If you want to level up your mental health, I’d love to help you.

    Don’t forget, even Frodo had allies on his journey to destroy the One Ring.

    Call now. You don’t have to struggle. I can help.

    You can also text “Nerd” to 42828 to sign up for the Chicago Nerd Therapy newsletter.

    About Eric Koll

    Hi! I’m Eric, you’re friendly neighborhood therapist. I’m a lifelong geek with an enduring appreciation for how fandoms can serve as a metaphor for doing inner work. I speak Fantasy/Sci Fi, TTRPGS, Game Conventions, graphic novels,  and Marvel movies.  I love riding my bike on the lake front and petting random dogs on the street (just not at the same time).

    When I was 10 years old I heard Indiana Jones say “This belongs in a museum” and I thought that was pretty good lifestyle advice. When I’m not binging the latest season of Mandalorian, I’m wandering the halls of our city’s incredible museums.

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