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  • Therapy for Nerds

    Therapy for Nerds

    Therapy for Nerds

    Therapy for Nerds

    We're going on an adventure

    If you’re self-avowed nerd wrestling with stress, worry, or sadness, take a breath. You’re in the right place!

    Life didn’t use to be this hard. In fact, you used to enjoy going out with friends or hitting up the game table. You’re busy with your job, with your family, and there is nothing left in the tank.

    You’re not connecting with your loved ones as deeply as you’d like and loneliness is starting to creep in. It feels overwhelming to get out of bed some day, not to mention trying to be around a bunch of people or perform your best at work. In fact, you’re starting to worry about how you’re going to keep it all together. 

    You see people around you who seem to have things figured out; Like they know some secret that you don’t. A lot of the time, it’s a win to even get through a show or two on Netflix.

    If you’re a geek (which is one of the absolute BEST sorts of people to be) who struggles with sadness, excessive worry, or feeling like life is just passing you by, you’re not alone. And it doesn’t have to be this hard. I can help you find balance in your life. I can help you slow down your thinking, be more social, and develop meaningful solutions to your problems. 

    Level Up Your Mental Health

    If you’re nodding along to any of this, I want to help you.

    After therapy together, my clients often share that even though they were initially reluctant to start therapy, that:

    They feel much less anxious.

    -They’ve found personalized, effective, and fun tools to manage stress.

    -They’re excited about the supportive and healthy relationships they’ve built with others (and themselves)

    -They’re more focused, have clear goals they’re excited to work on, and are happier than they’ve been in a long time.

    -They like who they are, again.

    Let’s talk. Even if you don’t want therapy right now and just have some questions, shoot me an email. I love connecting with people and helping them find the right answers for themselves.

    About Eric Koll

    Hi! I’m Eric, you’re friendly neighborhood therapist. I’m a lifelong geek and trained mental health therapist with an enduring appreciation for how fandoms can help people understand and address their mental illness. I speak Fantasy/Sci Fi, TTRPGS, Game Conventions, graphic novels, and Marvel movies. I love riding my bike on the lake front and petting random dogs on the street. I love love LOVE reading and am always looking for good book recommendations!

    Let's connect online and get started!

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