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    Dungeons and Dragons Group

    Join a 2 hour weekly narrative play group for adults who wish to work on underlying trauma, depression, or anxiety. Groups begin with a brief mindful check in, 90 min of game play, and a “processing” time at the end. In almost every case, mental illness tries to “bully” you into isolating, it erodes your sense of trust in your self and in others, makes it difficult to manage anxiety, and it tries to convince you that you’re alone. Worst of all, it tries to tell you that nobody else can relate to your experience. Role Playing Games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, are an effective way to target specific therapy goals. Some people might work on confidence, self-care, assertiveness, on processing through difficulty memories, distress tolerance, trust, self esteem, building relationships, and learning that you’re NOT alone. Therapeutic games create a safe space to work on mental health issues while building friendships and your own sense of confidence.

    Currently this group is in wait list. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.